Saturday, February 20, 2010

Knights Atomika (Part II)

     Several of my fellow OSR bloggers have been posting some cool random tables for generating all kinds of stuff for folks to use in their games. After reading about the Atomic Knights in DC comics I thought plate mail wearing Post-Apocalyptic Knights riding on Giant Dalmatians just screamed for a wahoo random table so I threw one together for Mutant Lords out there to play around with and roll up their own Post Apocalyptic Orders Atomika. I recommend starting with rolling a d20 twice and then go from there.

Starting point is a human mounted on a max hit dice horse with above average equipment, armor and gear.
Have Fun!

Knights Atomika
1. Are all of an unusual race (see Unusual Race Subtable)
2. Ride on Mutant Pterodactyls.(If special mount has already been rolled ML can either ignore one of the rolls OR somehow combine the two, or split the force, some are on Pterodactyls others are on the other type
3. In service to a local powerful warlord/noble/wastelord.
4. Are all female (d6 1-2 hate males, 3-ambivalent about males, 4-have normal interactions with males, 5-6 think males are the weaker species).
5. Are on a quest. (ML to fill in details)
6. All are armed with Hi-Tech Swords (d6 1-3 Vibro-Swords, 4-5 Warp-Field Swords, 6- Laser Swords).
7. Like fire and love to burn things! (Fire Knights; d6 1-3 have hi-tech flamethrowers if 6 has already been rolled on the master table they can have hi-tech flaming swords, 4- their mounts are fire-breathing, 5-6 are mutants with pyrokinetic powers).
8. Are Ruin Ronin/Sci Fi Samurai, follow the code of Bushido.
9. Ride on hi-tech cycles (d6 1-3 motorcycles, 4-5 hover cycles, 6 -Sky cycles).
10. Mounted on Giant Beasts ( 1-Lizard, 2-Wasp, 3-Boar, 4-Wolf, 5-Emu, 6-Dalmatian) (if 9 hi-tech cycles is also rolled/chosen combine the two, could be cyborg beasts, or a cycle with beast stylings or even a transforming vehicle-beast).
11. Mounted on robot Horses (Atomik Steeds) (if 15 has already been rolled a robotic version of the beast type is gained. i.e. Giant robotic wolves).
12. Are in exile from their homeland (d6 1-4 driven out by enemies and hope/seek to return, 5-6 forced to leave due to some type of disaster).
13. Follow the code of chivalry like the knights of old.
14. Follow a dark code of chivalry, i.e. Black Knights, this roll over-rides 13 if that has already been rolled, they may however pretend to be goodly knights.
15. Are Purists, may attack/slay those that are not of their race and will not willingly aid those not of their race.
16. Wear special armor (ML's choice or d6; 1-ancient style plate mail that is completely resistant to radiation, 2-Plastex, 3-4 Plastic Plate, 5-Advanced Metal, 6-Environmental Armor).
17. Roll Twice.
18. Roll Three Times.
19. Mutant Lord's Choice
20. Mutant Lord Choice + Roll again

Unusual Race Subtable (roll d10, combine unusual results if additional rolls are required, i.e. Coal Black skinned Android Velociraptorians)
1- All are mutant humans with an unusual skin color (1-Crimson Red, 2-Stark White, 3-Emerald Green, 4- Coal Black, 5- Violent Violet 6- ML choice of any or may combine two).
2- Are all a race of humanoid fish-men, (ML's choice or roll d6; 1-3 water-breathers only, must wear water-filled fish bubble helmets on land, 4-6 breath air and water normally).
3- Are all androids (ML's choice or roll d6; 1-3 look like normal humans, 4-6 are clearly robotic in nature).
4- Are all a race of mutant humanoid dinosaur folk (ML decides base species Triceratops, Velociraptor, etc…).
5- Are a nocturnal mutant race, only come out at night, they and their mounts are albinos.
6- Are heavily scarred, speak in gruff tones, file their teeth, wear armor festooned with spikes and points and carry wicked swords. (Borrowed from Eli).
7- Are clones, all look exactly alike and act very similarly, but can have individual, personalities i.e.Clone Troopers!
8- Are a race of mutant ape-men (ML's choice or roll d6; 1- Chimpanzees, 2-Baboons, 3- Orangutans, 4-5 Gorillas, 6 –Other).
9- Crystal Warriors (Crystar!!)
10-Are a race of mutant felines (d4 1-Tigermen, 2-Panthermen, 3-Cheetahfolk, 4-Lion-men) Thundercats Ho!


  1. Nice charts! I just perused Atomic Knights at my FLGS and was thinking about cannibalizing ideas for my Mutant Future game.

  2. Excellent chart and table. Funny that you and I seem to always be doing similar things on our blogs. I posted another random chart today as well.

  3. THIS is awesome! Consider it yoinked! :D

  4. Thanks guys, I had fun with this one. Alvordian did you mean you found the Atomic Knights comic at your FLGS? That's cool. Eli & Jay your tables are what inspired me to do this one.
    Thanks again!

  5. Great random charts. :) I can sure see a lot of these making appearance in my game. After reading your posts on the Knights Atomika, I suddenly got an inspiration to use these as fighter-type player characters.

  6. Glad you like them Spielmeister. Please let me know if you use them in your games and what stuff you come up with!

  7. I think this will go in my table files as well!!

  8. Most Excellent Blair, I'm a big fan of your blog!