Sunday, February 14, 2010

Firebase Lego Part II

 I took a break from writing my paper this morning and added a few more bits to Firebase Lego. 
In the above shot, Satellite Imagery has captured the nefarious Squidman attempting to sneak into the Outpost and free the vile Jar Jar from captivitiy.  The Green Army is holding the vile Jar Jar prisoner under the Yellow Energy Field.

Above is the Eastern Approach to Firebase Lego

Satellite photo of the northern approach to the base. Note horse corral has been added to allow for the Green Army's recent alliance with local Indigenous Scouts.

Another view of the outpost.


  1. Squiddly's in the wire! Request immediate drop of herb breading and garlic sauce!

  2. Green army men by Lego. Man, I've been away from handling lego I completely missed this. :) I couldv'e used this when my brother and I were trying to build panzers with lego sets back in the day. thanks for sharing this!