Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lego Army Men : "Oh my!"

I took my girls to the evil Walmart the other day to get their Valentines Day cards for their classmates, while they were debating which cards to get I drifted over to the toy know just to browse..yeah that's it.  I wasn't looking at the toys! of course not!
 I took a stroll down the Lego aisle.  Back in the day I loved Legos, mind you they didn't have all the cool stuff they have now, heck when I first got into Legos there weren't even minifigs.  I eventually decided I was too "old" to play with Legos and put my collection into storage.  Then when my son came of age I dug out my collection and we added a bunch more to it.  He eventually discovered girls and the legos went back into the attic. Over the years since, I've occasionally eyed the cool new things that have come out, but I resisted buying them.  I mean I'm a grown man! Right?!  BUT then I spotted these!

Classic Green Army men done up as Lego Minifigs!  Oh my!  So I discreetly slipped this into our basket, the girls were distracted with their Valentine's purchases and didn't notice.  I disappeared into my man cave to check out my purchase. 
I loved playing with plastic little green army men back in the day and these are just perfect. I told myself I'd set these up on my desk at work...yeah sure...course then my wife needed me to run to Target, I "accidentally" went down the Lego aisle while there and spotted the Space Police set..
and picked up a "few" more Green Army men, just to even out my force down ya know!  ; )
Thus begins the construction of Firebase Lego!
Oh my what have I started now!!


  1. My son loves Lego's and picked up the army men set, a few weeks ago. He got hooked, via the Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Batman Lego Video Games.

  2. This is awesome!

    My wife, Jenn, asked, "Do any of them come with missing arms and legs?"

    I told her that I don't think they came packaged like that in the old days and that I think that had more to do with how she played with hers.

  3. You're NEVER too old for Legos! Nice find, and a good writeup to boot. The green stands they come on are new pieces too as are their helmets.

    My Legos have been regulars at the gaming table for at least the last decade, you get a lot of uses out of them in surprising ways, and cover any imaginable genre too!

  4. The limbs of lego men, are detachable, Eli, so, severely traumatic wounds are not only doable, they're inevitable. :)

  5. Thanks guys! Glad I'm not "embarassing myself" by being a grown-up "playing" with Legos. Or at least I'm in good company!

  6. All you need now is a force of Clone Troopers to give the army men a stand-up fight. A couple of Jedi should make things interesting.

    The Skeleton King
    is at a bit of a loose end right now.