Friday, February 19, 2010

Firebase Lego Part III

Took these a few days ago just now have a minute to post them. I've added a bit more to the Green Army men Lego base. 

 I recently discovered BrikWars a cool looking set of tabletop wargaming rules for use with Lego Minifigs!  I've gotten my brother interested and when we get the time, we are going to try them out.  Above is a squad I've put together to see about working up some suitable enemies for my Green Army men! I love the classic BlackTron minifigs.
A shot of the Command unit for the bad guys...that's a custom Elric I picked up a few years back.  A close combat squad of Crimson Lotus Clan Ninjas can be seen in the background.
                 Aerial view of the villains (WIP).
Looks like Threepio is attempting to communicate/negotiate with the locals. Seems they don't care for the Green Army's water purifier located in their territory!


  1. Absolutely priceless. Will have to give Brikwars a look.

  2. Thanks guys, not being able to game lately I'm channeling my creative energy into Lego stuff.

  3. Haha, I'm loving this. It's like seeing the birth of a brand new AFOL!

    I especially love the Space Police alien head on the black body, nice touch!

    You know, before BrikWars, rumor has it there was another Lego ruleset out there, we're talking the nineties here! ;)

  4. Thanks Mik,
    Guess I am a full fledged (AFOL) Adult Fan of Lego! : )
    I actually can't take credit for the green alien head on the black body, the figure came that way in the set! Guess they are recycling some of their classic stuff.