Monday, February 10, 2014

Rogue Space Session 1 Epilogue

The last post in my Rogue Space Playtest Series
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Jupiter Zeus Character Stats



Mang entered the dark chamber, silken curtains covered the walls.  A aelfar female approached nodding submissively.  You did well my apprentice.  The female responded, "but master the Clawtron was destroyed?"  Mang smiled, "yes… it was, but I learned much".  He nodded and said no more. 

Back on Persephone Station
Jupiter Zeus knew the Aelfar alien had messed with his mind.  The whole thing had been a set up… a test of some kind.  He'd get back at her and that bastard Mang, but he needed a patron of his own, someone just as connected and diabolical as Mang.. .He needed the Phantom of the Space Opera!

Jupiter smiled as he drank his Rigellian Green Whiskey, sure the drink would turn his fur green for a few days, but it was worth it…

Game Notes
This was my first time playing Rogue Space; I had a lot of fun.  As I've said before in other posts it is a rules lite system.  This session ran very smoothly, the rules faded into the background and didn't get in the way of the story at all.  For the story I used Rory's Story cubes random dice rolls and grabbed some toys (er.. I mean collectibles) from my shelves and went to it!  I did kinda pause when the vehicle part came up in the game, I was looking for a Driving skill or agility or something, but there wasn't one, I just went with a Fighting roll and after checking with the author today, he indicated that is what I was supposed to do.  I did also run into a situation where there were several rounds of misses between Jupiter and the Android, they were both closely matched stats-wise (my intention) and both had high Fighting skills so they kept being able to avoid one another's hits. I allowed my character's force screen to stack with his natural armor and vacc suit, not sure I did that right, but it worked and didn't seem unbalanced.  Once I finally scored a serious hit that the Clawtron couldn't avoid the combat was over quickly.  A few times I wondered if I needed more rules, a bit more crunch if you will.  I don't want much, certainly nothing like Pathfinder.  It's quick and easy and doesn't get in the way with the fun.  I really love the open toolbox feel of it.  There is no setting really there.  That was one of my issues with Stars Without Number there is an implied setting and while you can ignore it, it is built into the game to some degree.  I would like to see some alien abilities listed out to help you create your own races and maybe a more expansive bestiary, along with a few vehicles stat'd out, but that can be done yourself, so it's definitely not a deal breaker for me. I am probably going to look at the Savage Worlds Sci Fi Compendium before I decide for certain, I recently picked up Savage Worlds Deluxe.  But for now Rogue Space is a top contender for my Sci Fi game time, especially if you're looking for a quick game to knock out with your buddies.  
Good Gaming -B


  1. Just getting caught-up on some blog-stuff. Had some health-issues, again. Great to see this series. Looks like your group had a great time. Looking forward to more Shattered Stars!

    1. Sorry to hear about your health issues. That sucks. Hope you are doing better now. I hope to play some more sci fi. I want to try out Savage Worlds Sci Fi Companion also.