Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Rogue Space The Devacryl

One thing I like in my Sci Fi is different aliens.  As a further testing of the Rogue Space rules I thought I'd work up an alien race for my game, based solely on the below picture I found on the internet.  So here goes!

Archetypes: Technician or Scoundrel, add +1 to Science or Acquire (the vast majority are Scoundrels)
Abilities: Never without a Lock pick: Devacryl can pull one of their Quill-Feathers and use it as a Lock pick with a +1 bonus to their lock picking attempts.
Master Manipulators: Devacryl are master manipulators and schemers.  They are quite skilled at reading those around them, particularly when they are "working a target" they gain +1 to persuasion based rolls.
Description: Devacryl are a humanoid race, averaging  5 1/2 to 6' tall.  They tend to be slightly more slender than humans with large ears and quill-like feathers instead of hair. 
Devac , the planet of the Devacryl, is a temperate world slightly smaller than earth with a thick but breathable atmosphere.  They tend to not permit outsiders on their homeworld so little else is known about it.
The Devacryl spend their time developing technologies to help them one up the other races.  This consists of a great deal of theft.  Again why spend years developing a technology that you can steal from others.  They will then sell this tech to other races at a hefty profit.  They particularly enjoy outmaneuvering the Aelfar.
  Culture and Laws
This is a race of schemers, connivers and manipulators.  Why work hard at something when you can trick someone else into doing it for you.  Even Devacryl technicians spend much of their time "acquiring" the technology of others. Devacryl are also quite vain, the average Devacryl spends at least an hour every day primping, preening and making sure their Quill-Feathers are just right.  To a human the quill-feathers look no different after this primping, but to other Devacryl the changes are quite noticeable. It is even rumored that Devacryl have a secret code based on the positioning of their quill-feathers, Devacryl neither admit nor deny this rumor.
Devacryl prefer to be subtle.  Big heavy guns, Cannons, grenades etc.  are crude and obnoxious to the refined (at least in their eyes) Devacryl (although they have NO issues with selling such weapons to other races).  They prefer slender elegant weapons, needlers are very popular with the Devacryl .  They have developed several neuro-toxins to coat their needlers with.  To add insult to injury they have developed a special Needler that humans have dubbed "Barbies"  these Barbed Needlers have wicked barbs on them that require surgery to safely remove.  Non-surgical attempts to remove these barbs cause an L damage (which armor obviously doesn't absorb).  While the barbs are imbedded the victim suffers a -1 to any rolls involving physical exertion attempts, due to the barbs painful digs into the soft tissue.
The Devacryl prefer small, fast ships well armored, but not so heavily armored that they sacrifice speed.  Their preferred combat tactic in space is to try to either talk or flee at top speed.  They often will try to manipulate other races to do their fighting for them.
Relations to Humanity
Humans don't trust the Devacryl, but find that they can often acquire certain technologies and information that would otherwise be unavailable to them.  The Devacryl see humans as just another ripe race to use to their own devices.
Using them in Rogue Space
The Devacryl make excellent rogues and tricksters, but can also be an excellent source of information, weapons and technology, just watch yourself when dealing with them!