Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Mutant Epoch Feral Chihuahuas

Feral Chihuahuas
Defense Value -14
Endurance 5+d3
Movement 10m
Initiative +1
Attacks 1
Strike Value 01-45
Damage d4
Strength 6
Agility 75
Accuracy 40
Intelligence 8
Willpower 60
Perception 44
Valuables - Nil
Experience 6
Morale - Firm
Size 35cm
Weight 2.5kg
Mutations 25%/1
Implants - Nil
The Mutant Epoch has transformed many animals into ferocious beasts, one such animal, once considered to be a companion to man by misguided humans, has since turned into a ferocious pack hunting beast, that now hungers for manflesh.  That animal is the Feral Chihuahua.  Haunting ruins and rubble in packs of 15 or more these beasts swarm their prey, while small, many such beasts can attack a lone victim at once, oftentimes overwhelming what should be a foe beyond their ability to take down.  Their high morale and ferocity also enables them to bluff and intimidate larger and more fearsome predators, driving them out of what they have established as their territory and their high agility makes striking them in melee harder than one might otherwise expect.

Inspired by this news article: