Saturday, April 28, 2012

On Hiatus...

After a bit of time and thought and some more time and thought,  I've decided to put my blog on hiatus.  I haven't really posted much content-wise in awhile anyways.  I'm finding myself with other interests, responsibilities and hobbies these days, and would rather not just do "filler posts".   I'm not planning on Nuking my blog, so if there is some old content you like it should still be around.  So for now...
                     "So Long and Thanks for all the Bananas!"


  1. Happy trails, brother. I hope you don't mind me spamming your mailbox from time to time with a bit of Loviatar. ;)

  2. Hmm...I can't say I like this. Change is bad. Just email me every now and then, best of luck to you!

  3. Farewell Bill, be sure to check in with us from time to time! Hopefully this hiatus isn't permanent.

  4. Sad news, enjoyed following your blog! Good luck with the new pursuits!

  5. Dude you've got 175 followers, a great content list, etc.
    Take a breath, go on walk about,& then get back on the horse man. There's like this blog & a handful that have the cool content. Good luck but I understand the burnout & real life.
    Believe me man.Comeback to it when you want. Seriously we'll be here man.

  6. Good luck, William!

    Just remember, I tried the same with mine and couldn't stop.

  7. Thanks for the kind words and emails everyone.
    I'm still around and doing well.
    Good Gaming!

  8. BB, I'm sorry I've not been by of late to read your recent news -- we've been in the throes of moving, graduating, etc.

    I do hope you return to the blog (and hope it stays around in any case since there's so much great stuff on here!). Until then, see you around the interwebs. :)