Sunday, June 3, 2012

Stars Without Number : Reptoids

What's this? A post over on the Green Skeleton Gaming Guild Blog?? Shh...I'm sneaking back in from my hiatus. Bat said I wouldn't be able to stay away and he was right! LOL.. Actually an old buddy of mine from out of town called me the other day, asking what Sci Fi RPG games were out that might meet his needs, he wants to get his gaming group to try something other than Magic and Battletech, he played Traveller back in the day and alot of D&D, he said wanted something like Traveller but with maybe some D&D mechanics, well of course that describes Stars Without Number to a tee.  I think he is going to start up a Campaign soon, I'm excited to hear how it turns out. Anyways that caused me to dust off my notes and I found another Marvel Universe race that I figured I'd post for ya'll, yeah they are heavily based on Lizard Men but I figured what the heck.
Anyways, enjoy!! : )

Lenses: Tribalism, Savage
Government: Tribal
Technology: 0
Motivation: Predators
     Reptoids are a race of savage reptilian humanoids. They average 6' in height when standing upright; have green scales with a yellow underside. They can walk erect or run on all fours and have powerful 6'long tails which they often use as weapons.
     The mindset of a Reptoid is very simple, "Bite it! Kill it! Eat it!" … Or if their prey looks like it might be a bit troublesome: "Slam it! Bite it! Kill it! Eat it!"

SWN Default Campaign Setting Notes: Reptoids would be an ignored blip on the radar in the galactic scheme of things were it not for certain disreputable types finding that Reptoids (with the right motivation; FOOD!) make for vicious gladiatorial arena combatants and in some instances bodyguards.

PC Reptoid
Move: 30, or 40 if on all fours
AC: 5
+4 on all Climbing related checks due to their climbing claws.
PC Reptoids must have at least a 14 strength attribute.
Attacks: Tail Slam; if the Reptoid forgoes any movement actions or other attacks in a round he can slam his opponent with a powerful tail attack for 1d8pts damage otherwise they will use a bite attack doing 1d6. Victims of a successful Reptoid tail slam attack must make an Evasion Save or be knocked prone by the creature's powerful tail. Reptoids are quite strong and get an additional +1 to damage on all physical attacks. *(I thought about having the tail attack do 1d10 damage instead of 1d8 but was concerned about power creep, feel free to up the damage or lower it depending on your campaigns needs).
Reptoids cannot be psychics. In fact, Reptoids are particularly susceptible to Psychic influence and manipulation; they get a -2 penalty to any saving throws to resist telepathic attacks or scans. For this reason powerful Telepaths (like the alien Slavers in particular) often use them as bodyguards and such.
     Reptoids are a very primitive species and are not comfortable using advanced weapons or technology (to a Reptoid a crossbow is an advanced weapon). Some rare more intelligent specimens have been trained to use low tech weapons (swords, axes etc.), but most prefer to use their natural attacks to get the job done.

Adapted from Marvel Comics, no copyright infringement is intended. The Reptoids first appeared in Thor Annual #6.


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