Saturday, June 16, 2012

Father's Day D&D!

 Tomorrow I'm going to get to do some gaming! Woo Hoo!
For Father's Day some gamer friends and I are going to get together, have a cookout and play D&D all day!! My buddy Clint has resurrected our old D&D Campaign we Co-DMed a few years back and is going to test our mettle against the Legendary Woodking!  It will be 3.5 since that is what the bulk of the players coming are familiar with, but I'm pretty excited!  Just finished rolling up my character; Righteous Rude; The Lion of Kord  (Human, Favored Soul).  Should be alot of fun.  Rumour has it there will be some of those "Girly Man" elves in the party! LOL
I dug up an old heroclix mini that should work perfectly for my character, now off to base him for tomorrow's game!
 I hope everyone has a great weekend and a Happy Father's Day!


  1. So how did this game go? I know you've been busy as heck but... It sounds awesome!

  2. Hey Needles! Thanks for asking!
    It was a blast! Nearly 9 hours of gaming!
    I'll try to post about it soon. : )