Sunday, July 8, 2012

Heat Wave!

I hope everyone is well, like most of the rest of the country we are caught up in this terrible heat wave; 107 degrees on the temp readout is not a pleasant thing (then add in the southern humidity and yikes!!!).  Our A/C went out, got it fixed, and only had to pawn one of the children to pay for it (just kidding about that part), and I've been battling a rough respiratory infection. With no rain to speak of our air quality has been really bad of late.  A Code Purple? Air Alert!!!?? Anyways I'm still alive (antibiotics are awesome).  Sorry for the blah info, just thought I'd do an update. Anyways there is some awesome stuff out for gaming!  And all the heat and such got me thinking of Post Apocalytpic stuff. 
Other Dust should be out end of this month, so you can bring some more P.A. coolness to your Stars Without Number games! Woo Hoo!

The Mutant Epoch continues to turn out some great stuff.
The Pitford book is out and Tetsubo has done a nice review of it even if your not looking for a new rules set for your P.A. Games, I think you should pick up the Pitford book it is an awesome setting!!
Also they will soon be releasing a compilation of the Excavator Monthly mags into one big edition.
Here's the cover:
And the blurb...
Now you can get all six copies of Excavator Monthly Magazine in one book! Each article, relic, mutant beast, non-player character and other feature has been placed into categories within this hefty tome. Never forget a copy again. Both game masters and players of The Mutant Epoch role playing game can carry all the magazines in one handy book and quickly flip to any resource with ease.

Excavator Monthly Compendium includes:
● 27 Nasty Mutant Creatures ● 13 Potent Relics ● 6 Alternate Character Generation Methods ● 2 New Skills: Acrobatics and Archery ● 12 Non-Player Character Friends and Foes ● 162 Illustrations ● 9 Assorted Articles ● Short Story: Demon in the Depths ● 10 Game Master Only Articles ● 8 Players Perspective Articles ● 4 Treasure Tables ● And much more!
260 pages
PDF $11.99 or Softcover $26.99

Oh and I don't want to forget Skirmisher Publishing's ongoing series Wisdom from the Wastelands. I believe they are up to issue #15 now.  It's an ongoing series of articles directly for use with the Mutant Future game.

Well that's all for now! Stay cool!!


  1. Man, sounds like a rough week. Glad you got your A/C back. Hope you feel better soon. That Excavator Monthly Compendium looks interesting.

  2. Take it easy and stay cool brother! The weather is pretty messed up almost everywhere. Perhaps it's a sign of the end times? We're in for a pretty scorching week here in Alberta as well. Get well and ditch that respiratory infection- my eldest son has a persistent one too.

  3. Thanks guys! I appreciate it. We finally got a bit of rain here, so the air quality is better and temperatures are cooler too.
    LOL funny that I'm saying 90's is cooler!