Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Other Dust Now Available!

"Other Dust is a stand-alone, fully-compatible companion game to the free Stars Without Number sci-fi RPG. Within its pages, savage mutants, crazed psychic overlords, runaway war machines and the relentless decay of a shattered world all conspire to snuff the last few embers of humanity. Yet heroes remain among the scattered survivors, and their courage and will to defy the coming night might yet save their people from a waiting doom. Use the tools this book provides to rebuild societies, reforge their ancient bonds, and bring a new dawn to a thousand points of night!"
It's even on sale!


  1. Interesting, though I'm not as pleased to see "thousand points of light" phraseology continue to propagate.

  2. Just picked up the PDF + Softcover combo at DTRPG. Skimming through the PDF has been a very cool experience. Great job on the art, and what little I've managed to digest of the text has me itchin' to create a big, nasty sandbox!

  3. Trey I hear ya!
    Mik your welcome!
    BollWeevilPrime (love the name) please share what you work up!!!