Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Rifts: Lemuria

Shocker of shocker Rifts : Lemuria is out! I think I recall this being first advertised...what? Ten years ago?!
Anyways if your interested you can download the Sneak Preview of it here.  I have to admit for some reason I'm tempted to pick it up... I'm not sure what it is, but I still get drawn back to Rifts.  We played the hell out of it in the 90's. I ran several Campaigns of Rifts, Heroes Unlimited, TMNT, Ninjas & Superspies! Sometimes all in the same Campaign. The mechanics were and are nuts, but back then we didn't seem to notice, maybe that was because it was the 90's? I dunno.  Now I pick up the books, talk to the guys about playing, we get excited, start to make up characters, then a few hours into character generation our eyes glaze over and we do something else... but I still get drawn to the books!  It's crazy I know. I've sat down to convert Rifts to other systems quite a few times over the years, but that quickly turns into a chore and eventually my Gamer ADD kicks in and I move on to something else.  But sooner or later I'll pick up one of those books and can't help but smile at the wild fun we used to have with it. I doubt I'll ever run Rifts again (unless the revamp the mechanics), the rules system just doesn't work for me anymore.  But man I've got some great memories! 


  1. I'm right there with you on Rifts. I've had some great fun with the game, but that was fun had very much in spite of the rules. I still love my Rifts books though, thanks to the setting being chock full of great ideas. I'll never run it again though. That was an exercise in madness.

  2. Two words - Mutant Future! Two More words - Can Convert!
    You know you want this because you own Rifts Undersea!
    Com'n you can do the technology from Stars Without Numbers!

  3. Two Words - Mutant Future
    Two more Words - Gamma World
    Third Word - Conversion
    Fourth Word - Stars Without Number for the technology
    Besides you know you want to run that Rifts: Undersea book... Com'n its easy besides you've got a copy of that Gamma World under water module sitting on your hard drive. You were doing kick ass Gamma World stuff before this blog. Get the book, some friends, grab some sheets, bang instant game!

  4. Giles sounds like we are very much on the same page. : )
    Needles your definately tempting me! LOL

  5. I'm working on a RIFTS to AD&D conversion.

    I'd also been thinking about specifically running a Dinosaur Swamp campaign using either Gamma World 4th edition (the original 4e and not the D&D4E) or Mutant Future.

    ...hadn't given any thought to using it for the rest of the game, though.

  6. Hey Ryan,
    Good luck with your Rifts to AD&D conversions, shame you can't share them but I know how Aggressive Palladium can be with their IP. Anyways, I think your idea of running a Dinosaur Swamp Campaign for Mutant Future is awesome! I've actually snuck in some Palladium creatures, mutations and stuff into my previous Mutant Future games, my players just didn't know it! LOL and with Needles tempting me so, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna wind up buying Lemuria! : )