Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Demonist, a Berserker and an Alchemist walk into a bar...

I recently found The Colossal Class List, which prompted me to go through my old copies of White Dwarf (before it went all Tabletop) and my old issues of Dragon Magazine (damn how I miss that coming to my mailbox!).  Anyhow I got to thinking about how to use these alternate classes in my Campaign, so I worked up the below Encounter Table for those times when I need the party to encounter something,  or should I say someone different.
I figured this as more of an Urban Encounter table otherwise the bandit, huntsman and other encounter chances would be different. I didn't include Ninjas or Samurai but they are easy enough to add in there.
I hope you get some use out of it. Enjoy!

% Roll        Class              Source Material
   03          Anti-Paladin     BEST OF DRAGON VOLUME II
04-05       Archer             BEST OF DRAGON VOLUME III
   06          Artificer          WHITE DWARF 68
07-08       Astrologer       DRAGON 45
09-10       Bandit             BEST OF DRAGON VOLUME IV
   11          Battle Dancer   DRAGON 159
   12          Beastmaster     DRAGON 119
13-16        Beggar            WHITE DWARF 58
17-18        Berserker BEST OF DRAGON VOLUME II, WHITE DWARF 19
19-21        Black Priests   WHITE DWARF 22
22-24        Bounty Hunter (three versions D3) DRAGON 52
25-27        Bureaucrat       DRAGON 74
28-30        Charlatan         DRAGON 120
31-33        Cleric, Cloistered BEST OF DRAGON VOLUME IV
   34          Death Master    BEST OF DRAGON VOLUME IV
   35           Demonist          WHITE DWARF 47
36-37        Detective           WHITE DWARF 24
  38            Dreamer            DRAGON 132
39-41         Duelist              BEST OF DRAGON VOLUME IV
  42            Elementalist      WHITE DWARF 23
43-47         Gypsy               DRAGON 59
 48             Hag/Hermit      WHITE DWARF 62
49-51         Healer               BEST OF DRAGON VOLUME II
52-54         Houri                WHITE DWARF 13
55-56         Huntsman         DRAGON 102
 57             Idiot                  DRAGON 3
 58             Incantatrix, mage variant DRAGON 90
59-60        Jester               DRAGON 3, 60, 120
 61             Lizardman        WHITE DWARF 26
 62             Man-Beast       WHITE DWARF 8
63-65         Mariner           DRAGON 107
66-69         Merchants       WHITE DWARF 21
 70             Neanderthal (Classic D&D) DRAGON 118
 71             Necromancer   WHITE DWARF 35 (PLUS EXTRAS IN 36)
 72            Oracle               BEST OF DRAGON VOLUME V
 73            Paladins, 7 variants, D7  DRAGON 106
                                1 Myrikhan (NG)
                                2 Garath (CG)
                                3 Lyan (LN)
                                4 Paramander (N)
                                5 Fantra (CN)
                                6 Illrigger (LE)
                                7 Arrihkan (NE)
 74           Piao Shih, caravan escort DRAGON 164
75-77      Politician               DRAGON 74
 78           Savant                  DRAGON 140
79-80       Scout                   DRAGON 161
81-83       Scribe                  BEST OF DRAGON VOLUME IV
84-85       Sentinel (guard)    DRAGON 89
86-89       Smith                   BEST OF DRAGON VOLUME IV
 90           Summoner           WHITE DWARF 27
 91           Timelord              DRAGON 65
 92           Vivimancers         WHITE DWARF 67
 93           War Smiths          WHITE DWARF 28
 94           Weakling             WHITE DWARF 11
95-97       Witch                  DRAGON 43
98-99        Roll Twice; combine results
100            DM Choice


  1. Ah, I have a fascination with those Dragon "NPC" classes. I have a few of the issues that have some in there. Interesting to see how many times some of those classes were done and re-done.

  2. Timelord! Your class ability is to flit in and out, explain nothing, and land the rest of the party in trouble. Prime req CHA, indistinguishable from a con-man, unless you can rope the DM into your mad schemes as well.

  3. Ryan, I hear ya Alchemist, Witch and Jester in particular! : )
    Richard you are a bad...bad man! LOL

  4. This is a great, great list. High-fives, man.

  5. Thanks Justin, I thought this was too cool not to share!