Saturday, December 18, 2010

Stars Without Number

 Others have talked about it and I have to chime in about a new Retro Sci Fi RPG, Stars Without Number.
It is a sweet looking game, very well put together.  Gotta give kudos to the author.  I've been in a Sci Fi mood for awhile now and had considering dusting off my old Traveller books or getting some of the Mongoose Traveller books to maybe run some Traveller at some point in the new year, but after seeing this FREE rules-set I'm really thinking Stars Without Number is what I've been looking for.  Old Retro gaming based off the classic D&D system artfully merged with Traveller.  Good Stuff!
Plus the author has tons of helpful stuff for a GM wanting to run a Sci Fi Sandbox Campaign!
That was always something I struggled with a bit in my Traveller games of yesteryear.  When your players can be on a different planet at the punch of a Jump Drive, ya gotta be on top of your game to make the new worlds seem unique and different.  Stars Without Number has tons of features to make doing that much easier. 
Oh and you guys know I love mutants and mutations, as an added cool factor, the next big release from the company according to the author is Other Dust, which will add a post apocalyptic Earth and mutations to the mix, Sweet! Looking forward to seeing more stuff from this author/company. Hmmmm now where did I put my old Alternity Campaign notes?  Definately some stuff in there I can use!
Good Gaming  -B


  1. Interesting. I'll have to check that out.

  2. I don't know when this was released, but I just ran into it last week at when the author started a thread about. I seriously think this blows the socks off of pretty much every published game (not module) put out by the OSR (yes, LOTFP RPG included...).

    I love that it is concise where needed (character generation, rules) and fully fleshed out where hardly any game is fully fleshed out (equipment, DM's advice, world builders advice, etc).

    Color me impressed, and thanks for taking up the horn and passing the good news!

  3. I downloaded this on Friday after I saw it mentioned in an thread but before I started reading good things about it. I'll have to move it up my to read list.

  4. I've had Stars without Number on my drive for a while now and downloaded the latest version recently but i never gave it a proper once-over until after reading your post here. It's pretty impressive. The section on Factions is seemingly excellent and looks like a great way to keep track of "end-game" and "domain level" play in a campaign on a regular and consistent basis from session 1. The resources and guideline provided for the GM are top-notch.

  5. JD & Trey Glad to have been of service!
    Carl I was just following your example, I figure the least I could do for something this cool was to share my humble opinions abouot it on my blog. For me this is the game I wish Star Frontiers had been!
    Narmer looking forward to hearing your thoughts about it.

  6. This is a sharp game. Lot's of good ideas in there.