Sunday, December 19, 2010

Another Successful Mutant Future Sunday!

 We had part three of our ongoing Mutant Future Campaign today.  I'm sorry I'm terribly behind on posting about it.  Will try to get session logs up soon, so forgive me for being a tease, but it was a blast!  Did they rescue Brother Thomas in time? Did they get lost in The Mazes?  Did they make it through Trog Territory in one piece?  and what lies in the Church of St. Vermaine?  
The gang is really getting into it and so am I, wild fun!  I thought today might be the wrap up before we moved on to something else as they had finished the story arc that I had worked up, but everyone indicated they really wanted to keep playing! So continue the campaign we shall!  Interesting how this one-shot turned mini-campaign is turning into a full blown Campaign!  Good Times!


  1. I really like the picture you illustrated this post with.

  2. Sounds good. Glad your back in the swing of things, Bill. I look forward to hearing more.

  3. Thanks guys!
    Narmer I found it on the interwebs, it seemed to really capture the terrain of the group's recent advantures.