Saturday, December 18, 2010

Simian Saturday : White Apes of Mars

 Another Simian Saturday is here, where does the week go??
 This one goes out to Clovis Cithog, from the Jasoomian Dreams blog.  His blog is dedicated to classic gaming on ERB's Barsoom.  His site features some awesome Miniatures for the setting ,as well as, stats for some of the classicly cool Barsoom Beasties. Oh word of caution, if your at work some of the minis featured on his site are in true Barsoom garb, in other words the ladies are in NO way over dressed.
He was even kindly enough to send me a copy of his rules RED PLANET to look at, I've been terribly remiss and not given him much feedback about them.  Hopefully this shout out will help make up for that. 

Good Gaming!

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  1. cannot have too muany white ape pics . . .

    Incredibly strong, the white ape is
    “hairless except for an enormous shock of bristly hair upon its head . . . The thing which more resembled our earthly men than it did the Martians I had seen, held me pinioned to the ground with one foot, while it jabbered and gesticulated at some answering creature behind me. The other, which was evidently its mate, soon came toward us, bearing a mighty stone cudgel with which it evidently intended to brain me. . .
    The creatures were about ten to fifteen feet tall, standing erect, and had like the green Martian, an intermediary set of arms or legs, midway between the upper and lower limbs. Their eyes were close together and non-protruding; their ears were high set, but more laterally located than those of the Martians, while their snouts and teeth were striking like those of our African gorilla.” (PM,V - VI)

    White apes are accomplished hunters that are skilled at climbing and infiltration. Stalking the sun-bleached ancient cities of the dead sea bottoms, by day or night, they are encountered alone or in pairs and are the only monster upon Barsoom that can arouse fear in the hearts of the green Martian. White ape herds are also found in the forests of the Valley Dor. They are cunning adversaries and will retreat if an opponent is too well armed or too numerous.