Monday, December 20, 2010

A Merry Christmas Gamma-Metal Shout out!

 My buddy since 8th grade (which trust me was a looong time ago) Tormentor sent me a little surprise Christmas Present which came today.  He knows I love 80's Metal (yeah I know I'm showing my age).
He found a group neither of us had heard of before: Riot. Hey cut us a break there was no internet back then. : )  Anyways here is the album cover.

Is that image perfect for Mutant Future or what?  I may have to stat this pair up for my Campaign!
 Call me crazy but Christmas makes me think of Heavy Metal and Gamma World! Before you think I'm off my rocker let me explain, my cousin would fly into town from California to visit every year over the Christmas holiday and stay with us for two weeks, he'd bring a sack of cool Heavy Metal cassettes (that's what came before CD's for you gentle young readers) to show off to us (we didn't have access to such music in our town back then) , Tormentor would come over and the three of us would listen to Heavy Metal while playing non-stop marathon sessions of Gamma World for days on end, we'd play without sleep until we'd get so cranky that we'd end up fighting and our folks would send us to bed!  Good Times!! 
Merry Christmas!! We may be hundreds of miles apart but some memories and friendships never fade!


  1. Oh man, Riot. I haven't thought of them in ages. They used to play San Antonio (where I grew up, and a bit of a metal haven back in the day) all the time in the late 70s/early 80s. I think this was because their lead guitar player actually lived in the area.

  2. That looks awesome! I also love the all night Gamma World bender!

  3. Better cover art than the MF re-issue IMO.

  4. I've always been partial to Rogue Male's "First Visit" album:

    A cyborg with a mullet and furry, studded armor. What could be more 80s Gamma World-ian?

  5. Man, I'm glad you like it. Yes, Christmas was all about Gamma World and the soundtrack was S.O.D.: Speak English Or Die, Queensryche: The Warning, W.A.S.P. (where else to get a PC name like Tormentor?). :) Feels like I've known you since we were 8 years old, not 8th grade. All I want for Christmas is a 2nd pair of Binoculars and to spend some time throwing rocks and crystal technology off the bridge and into the river.....have I mentioned I dislike snakes?