Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mutant Future Campaign Session 1

 It's taken me forever to finish this up, I posted the campaign Introduction  awhile ago, you may want to reread it so the below session makes a bit more sense. Now I'm two sessions behind on session summaries.  I went the very detailed route for this one, will probably go a bit more streamlined for future ones.  Anyways here it is sorry for the delay. 

Mutant Future Campaign

Session 1
November 7, 2010

     With sickness quickly overwhelming the community, the elders (most of whom are quite ill themselves) are only able to find three individuals able to make the journey. The community’s two resident mutant plants (apparently immune to the disease); Cactus Jack and Prickly Pete wanted to go on the journey as well, but the elders decided someone must stay behind to man the walls and keep the beasts and monsters of the ruins at bay. The trio chosen by fate, more than anything else, consist of Bishop a chameleon skinned android of the ancients, Tink R. Bell a mutant human with a powerful damage turning ability and an uncanny knack for rigging technical weapons and gear and Sherman a mutant human with a quick mind and unfailing sense of direction (perfect to get the party through The Maze), don’t ask about his prehensile tongue.
     The group will set out at dawn with what weapons, gear and provisions that could be spared. They understood that time was of the essence, if they can’t get back in two weeks, they won’t have a home to come back too. Before departing Sherman spent time with the community’s lead scout Krash Helmut, who although too sick to make the journey himself, gives detailed instructions on how to find The Goatlords’ lair. Sherman sketches out a map and takes supplies to aid them on their quest, making sure he has his trusty Ball Peen Hammer packed. Bishop, is a relative newcomer to the community, he was found trapped under the debris and rubble of a ruined building by a recent scouting expedition into the wastes and was reactivated by the community’s Chief Examiner; Caractacus Potts. Bishop has no memory of his “life” before but serves the community loyally. He is presented with Caractacus’ own black powder rifle and a “brace” of Pub Darts to help with their mission. Tink in cooperation with Sherman used his mutant enhanced tinkering skills to maximize the most damage potential from all of their weapons. Tink also works on Sherman’s armored “coat” of scrap metal, mesh and bits turning it into something a bit more wearable and functional. Tink wearing his biker jacket and waving his family heirloom Cricket Bat into the air states that they are ready to depart!
     After being out for just a short time, the party, of would-be heroes soon runs into trouble. Upon approaching Rubble Towers, they were soon in combat with not only a massive mutie lizard but a giant Radscorpion as well, Bishop proved to be a terrible shot with his black powder rifle, although it made for one heck of a loud boom echoing throughout the ruins. The lizard leapt off of a nearby tower and Tink kept himself from becoming lizard chow only through the last minute use of his damage turning ability which caused the mutant lizard to severely damage itself. The party quickly positioned themselves between the lizard and the scorpion which led to the giant scorpion to opt to dine on the injured lizard instead of the party. The scorpion drug the lizard carcass off for eating. But before the party could congratulate themselves, a hulking scaly mutant humanoid leapt from a nearby tower and finished off the scorpion and then turned its attention to the group! They threw everything they had at the fearsome beast, even calling upon the sacred purple goddess to aid them (The d30 that I allow them each to roll once per game)! After suffering a good bit of damage, and Sherman coming within inches of certain death they finally defeated the beast. What it was for certain none knew (well I knew, it was an Abominite, and in reality it was a juvenile one! *evil grin*)
     All three decided harvesting the Scorpion venom was a good idea and managed to get enough to coat their arrows fully (the group had been given two longbows and a rather limited number of arrows by the community elders before departing). While Tink did this, Bishop was able to harvest enough of the scorpion’s busted hide to rig some carapace bracers for himself. Sherman meanwhile exhibited a mutant power the others didn’t know he possessed; he quickly healed himself of all the massive damage he had suffered.
     Satisfied they resumed their journey. Heading deeper into the ruins and rubble, it was only Sherman’s innate direction sense that kept them from getting hopelessly lost. Along the way when time permitted they scavenged here and there, finding a bit of copper wire, some metal scraps etc. Time was of the essence so they tarried none the least. At one point they found a well made and curiously rust free wheelchair, with a human skeleton lying on the ground nearby. The wheelchair had an embossed “X” on it. Tink and Sherman studied it and found it could collapse into a small handy size for ease of carrying; it seemed to have a solar energy source too. They packed it away and kept moving. Tink and Bishop continued to be impressed with Sherman’s ability to navigate the ruins, where they saw only endless rubble he seemed to clearly be able to discern a path.

     The day progressed; occasionally a rat or other unseen beast scurried about in the ruins. The rubble became more and more difficult to travel, yet Sherman kept to the path. Moving ever closer to their destination they avoided a web-filled alley, giving a shudder at the humanoid shaped forms encased in the webs hanging far overhead. Picking their way through the ruins and rubble they soon found their path filled by a low hanging purple fog-like haze that emanated from the sewer grate of a nearby building. Bishop cautiously entered the mist, guessing his android form would protect him from whatever effects it might have. Using his Android enhanced senses he analyzed the mist and determined it was in fact some form of hallucinogenic gas, harmless to him, but definitely a problem for Sherman and Tink. Another way around would have to be found. Bishop proceeded to move through the mist, unfortunately the purplish haze obscured a nearby open manhole and a cluster of amoebae-like ochre tentacles lurched out and tried to grab the android, he managed to barely leap out of reach of the beast. Realizing being on his own was quite dangerous, Bishop quickly got out of the mist and worked to regroup with the others. Tink and Sherman picked there way along a different route detouring through several collapsed buildings but were luckily once again able to stay on course thanks to Sherman’s innate sense of direction.
     With the trio together again they continued their journey, darkness was fast approaching, and Sherman in particular was concerned about being out in the open at night, maybe it was from his conversation with the community’s scout, but everyone agreed that secured shelter was a must. With dusk upon them they finally found a suitable building to camp in for the night. An old Quickie Mart of the Ancients, still fairly intact, at least compared to the other buildings nearby. They quickly worked to secure it and fortify their position moving old shelves and even an old aisle cooler to cover the door and windows. They found an old box of nails that Sherman pocketed as well as some other bits and bobs. Not wanting to risk a fire, they huddled quietly in a back corner of the building behind an old freezer; they set up watches and tried to rest. During the night they heard eerie sounds outside, risking a look, Sherman and Tink (both able to see in the darkness) spied two hunched over scaly grey humanoids creeping about in the street, the humanoids were tearing into the corpse of a goatman. The trio watched the grisly meal in silent horror; eventually the two humanoids dragged the remains of the goatman down into a sewer hole and disappeared. Shuddering the trio kept extra quiet for the rest of the night; none of them slept soundly knowing what was lurking just outside in the shadows.
     At dawn they headed out again, Tink suggested they cover any manholes or notable sewer entrances with rubble and debris; everyone thought this was a good idea. It ate up a bit of time but if they rescued the Healer they’d have to come back this way, and the harder it was for those things to move around the better their odds of making it back to JymsWard alive and uneaten!
     In spite of everything, they were actually making good time. They travelled for most of the day without incident. Stopping only occasionally for a quick rest or meal of dried rations. The ruins and rubble were less of an obstacle and hazard in this area. Less ruined buildings made for faster travel, however it also meant less cover for the group. They were in an area with no visible sewers/manholes, but still began to get concerned about shelter for the night. Travelling onward, they finally found an old ruined bank that was still intact. It was not nearly as secured as the Quickie Mart, but it was the best option available. They fortified it as best they could; the structure had clearly been looted long ago. The vault door was still intact and solid. Tink found signs that someone had apparently tried to blow the vault, but their nearby bones showed they’d only succeeded in blowing themselves to bits. Whatever treasures the ancients had stored therein were still untouched and would remain so for now. They hunkered down for the night and hoped for the best. Just a few short hours into the night the trio was startled by the baying of wolves, they smelled them before they spotted them, a pack of mangy, tumor covered wolves skulked about in the street, on the hunt. Hunkering down behind the ancient freezer, the group of heroes prayed that the wind wouldn’t shift and give away their position. Fortune smiled upon them as the pack of mutie wolves moved off into the distance, apparently unaware of their presence in the old ruined bank. Barely a half hour later, on Sherman’s watch, he noted a large shadowy mass of darkness moving across the street. Using his enhanced vision he realized it was a swarm of rats, but a swarm that seemed to move with a solid strength of purpose. The rat swarm moved as one, acted as one. Stopped and looked in his direction as one then moved off into the night. Sherman shuddered to himself…maybe it was just his imagination, maybe the rats weren’t looking at him at all…Maybe…
     Dawn finally came, not soon enough for some, but with renewed purpose they set out. Sherman continued to map out their progress on the parchment he’d gotten from the community’s scout; Krash Helmut, he wondered if the kindly old scout would still be alive when they returned. Pushing such thoughts out of his mind he looked about and realized they were making better time than had been predicted. They should reach their destination sooner than expected.
     After a half days travel they knew they were close. Cautiously the trio moved forward. By Sherman’s estimation they were right on top of The Goatlord’s lair. And both Tink and Bishop knew that Sherman’s estimations were right on the Domar. The lair was in an old ruined place of knowledge and learning of the ancients, something called a Skool…
     The trio cautiously crept through the ruins surrounding The Goatlords lair, Bishop activated his Chameleon synthetic skin, the others moved as quietly as they could. Several Goatlord sentries were spotted in the outer buildings surrounding the old Skool. The trio had hoped to somehow slip in rescue Brother Thomas the healer and run away from the area. But that wasn't to be. One of the mutant goatmen got their scent and combat ensued! Things looked pretty grim, several goatmen poured out of the ruins, including a big scaley hound (a Rog). The initial wave of goatmen were armed mostly with melee weapons, using the terrain for cover and to confuse their foe our heroes made quick use of the poison that they had harvested from the giant radscorpion. This concoction proved particularly deadly to the otherwise tough goatmen. Several went down in the volley of poisoned arrows unleashed by the group. Bishop had climbed to the second floor of a ruined building and was hiding in the rubble (apparently the goatmen couldn't smell his android form or didn't register his scent as a threat), he hurled several poisoned darts at passing by goatmen killing many. The remaining goatmen engaged in melee with Sherman and Tink. Sherman took a beating, only Tink's mutant Damage Turning field kept him from death. Things were looking better for the group however; most of the Goatlords were down or dead, including their "pet" rog (repto-dog). Then a kevlar armored Goatlord emerged from the top of the old Skool, he bore a weapon of the ancients, some sort of energy pistol and proceeded to fire blasts at the now exposed android Bishop. The ruins Bishop were on caught on fire, but Sherman was completely exposed to the armored Goatlord and Tink was vulnerable as well. So Bishop stayed exposed and used his secret weapon and special Illusionary Phantasm (Holofield) Generator that caused the energy weapon bearing goatlman to see a frightening beast of the wastes coming after him. The startled goatman proceeded to blast away at the beast that wasn't there…
     In order to maintain the field Bishop had to remain in place, which meant he was taking damage from the now burning building that he had been hiding in. Just then another goatman emerged from the roof access of the skool a big burly one with a massive axe, he was dragging the bound healer that the group was sent after. It looked as though the beastman intended to drop the poor healer off of the building, or at least threaten too. However before he could do this, Bishop switched the field to make it look like this new burly goatman was the wasteland horror and so the armored goatman started unknowingly blasting his ally. After a bloody fight, the goatmen were dead, Sherman rescued the healer and his medical bag from the skool building now also on fire, Tink recovered the laser pistol and armor, Bishop dropped off the burning building, his illusion field no longer needed. He was alive but badly burned; he wouldn't pass for a human anymore one entire side of his body was visible as being metal the synthetic skin had been burned away. But the healer was alive, bruised and battered but alive. They had rescued him, in spite of incredible odds and even had saved his medical bag, they could still save their community. 

End of Session 1


  1. Wow! That was a hell of a summary! I'm going to have to print his beast out for easier reading. :)

  2. Yeah, I went a bit overboard, but one of my players couldn't make the game and I wanted him to have a good overview of what had happened.

  3. That sounds like it was a pretty awesome adventure. I'm going to have to look into those rules and see what they are about now. Thanks for taking the time to share all that with us.

  4. Thanks for taking the time to read about our exploits stonewerks, we are having alot of fun.
    The rules have some of the old school idiosyncracies about them (roll high for this, low for that etc.), but I'm having alot of fun running the game. My players are quite inventive and MF allows me to do stuff on the fly when needed.

  5. I already had downloaded the Mutant Future rules a while ago. After this post, I took a closer look at the rules. One thing lead to another and I made a character. That night at dinner with my kids, I explained the game and showed the kids the character I created. It excited them (we have played a lot of D&D together, so this was a new thing for them). About an hour later each one of them had created their own characters. We had a ball, rolling up the random mutations and figuring out how they would all work together (or hinder) each of the characters they created. We had some lively discussions about playing everything just as it was rolled up. Now we have a handful of I have to set up a game next weekend. I'll let you know how it all turns out. Thanks for the spark that ignited this little wildfire.

  6. AWESOME!!!!!!
    You made my day!
    Please keep me posted on how it goes!!

  7. I imagine Krash Helmut to be a mutated version of Evel Knievel, with damaged sequin armor, a junked-out rocket-bike, and specialized headgear for his horns and eyestalks.

  8. Awesome visual Justin! Thanks for reading and the comments.