Saturday, July 24, 2010

Simian Saturday: Sea-Kral

 Another beastie I found in my old DM binder was a simian race I based off of a race from the Rolemaster RPG many years ago; the Sea Kral.

Climate/Terrain: Cool Temperate to Frigid/ Seas and Oceans
Frequency: Rare
Organization: Tribal
Activity Cycle: Nocturnal (Sleep by day)
Diet: Omnivore
Int: Average (low)
Alignment: Lawful Evil (with chaotic tendencies towards other races)
# appearing: 50-200 (one massive force numbered over 300 but this is quite rare)
Armor Class: 4
Movement: 9"/18" in rigging
Hit Dice 1+1
# of attacks: 2 or 1
Damage Attack: claw 1d3/claw 1d3 or by weapon
Special Attacks: nil
Special Defenses: +2 to save vs. cold-based attacks
Magic Resistance: Standard
Size: M: 4'6" to 5' tall (rare individuals 5'6"-6' tall)
Morale: Average (8-9)

Lifespan: 55 years (few reach that age due to violence)
Armor: Usually Studded Leather Armor
Weapons preferred: Cutlass, lt. crossbow, shortbow
No Spellcasters! The Sea-Kral are superstitious about magic and kill any practitioners found in their midst.

Racial Modifiers
+1 Str    -2 Wis
+2 Dex   -1 Cha

  Sea-Kral are ape-like creatures with dark bluish skin and a pelt of thick blue hair growing on the head, neck and shoulders.  Females possess an additional thicket of blue hair that grows down the bony spine of their backs.  Both genders have long arms and an extra bone connecting the wrist to the hand.  Long dextrous fingers capped by a claw-like nail, aid them in becoming accomplished climbers, craftsmen and bowmen.  They build longships, in which to ply the seas, raiding and plundering other vessels as pirates, as well as, raiding coastal towns and villages .  Their boats serve as their only home, in spite of the fact that most cannot swim.  Sea-Krals fear the hungry waves, but derive too much pleasure from their violent way of life to abandon the ocean.  With the Sea-Kral preferring cooler climes, many coastal towns and villages have an additional reason to dread winter, because with the coming of the cold, so come the Sea-Kral.

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