Friday, July 23, 2010

My Most played D&D Module that I've never played D&D with!

Been going down my gaming memory lane lately, yesterday I posted about my first hardback AD&D purchase Deities & Demigods. That got me to thinking about one of my favorite AD&D Modules:
The classic Expedition to the Barrier Peaks!
I love this module.  Lasers and Magic items Whoo hoo! I think I have used this module in my games over the years more than any other module in my collection, well except for maybe Keep on the Borderlands, followed up very closely by In Search of the Unknown.  But the twist is that I have NEVER used it for a straight up D&D game.  I've used it in two Gamma World Campaigns, Rifts (the player Dragon Hatchling fighting the Froghemoth was priceless), Star Wars, Heroes Unlimited (almost had a TPK on that one!), Ninjas & Superspies, d20 Modern, and more recently Mutant Future ! Yet I just realized I never used it for a regular straight up D&D game.  How wild is that.  Just further credit to the genius of Mr. Gygax. I just may have to rectify not running this for "regular" D&D at some point. Course I need to track down a new copy, mine is ragged and worn out from such heavy use over the years.   
Good Gaming-B

One of my absolute favorite drawings by Jeff Dee!


  1. Absolutely, I hate it and love it. BTW, is that near TPK incident you are speaking of my fault? Looking back, Raker's death was not one of my prouder moments of playing "in character", although trying to take out the gutless scumbags (fellow party memembers) who were leaving him to die fit precisely with his mentality, I thought.

    I can imagine many near TPK with this module though, so I'm sure you've had many chances to nearly wipe em all out as you've used this over the years.

  2. Hey Tormentor!
    Yeah that near TPK was Raker going out in a blaze of glory, but to be fair the party was going to abandon him to the fungus spores! I thought you played him to the hilt! Great gaming memories!

  3. Yep, this was always my preferred module for gonzo pick-up games, and may well have crystallized my sense of sci-fi weirdness always hovering around D&D in those days (granted, it essentially WAS).

  4. I love this module. Though Legion of Gold is still my all-time favorite.

  5. You are right there- like you, I must have cribbed and robbed Expedition to the Barrier Peaks a dozen or so times for inspiration and ideas. Even the concept is so cool. Despite all that, I never got to run this module or play in someone's game set in it.

  6. Tetsubo@ LoG is a great module, I need to crack it open and run it again soon!