Sunday, July 25, 2010

Awesome P.A. RPG that I can't Play!!! : P

Awhile back my buddy Joe sent me this really cool Post Apocalyptic RPG. It is called Mutant Undergangens Arvtagare. If your going huh? That's understandable because it is in Swedish!! It looks like a very Gamma Worldesque game set in a Post Apocalyptic Europe, particularly in and around Sweden. Lots of support for it at one time over in Sweden, but it now seems to be Out of Print.  So I guess the chances of this being ever officially translated to English are slim to none. Aahh the humanity!
 In trying to interpret the rules (I don't read Swedish) it seems to be based off of the BRP system. The art is quite good. Here are some pictures to show you what I'm talking about.

Pretty cool!  I can at least use it as inspiration for my Mutant Future or other Post Apocalyptic Campaigns.
Thanks Joe!


  1. I keep reading PA as Pennsylvania rather than Post-Apocolyptic.

    I blame growing up in Pittz Burke for that...

  2. Oh wow! I saw the ads for this in the net sometime ago. Although I don't speak a word of Swedish, I must say this blew me away. You are so right to look to it as inspiration for your games! This looks awesome--- and I don't even understand a word of it. :)

  3. I want a copy of the updated Justifiers RPG but it's only out in German. :(

  4. BigFella@ LOL Didn't think about folks seeing Pennsylvania for my P.A. reference. Being way down South, I ferget about you Yankee folks! LOL
    Spielmeister@ its great to have you back! I do wish I could translate it, there is a ton of material out for it, sadly all in Swedish!
    Tetsubo@ I thought I recalled an update for Justifiers didn't know it was only in German. : (

  5. I like that frog. That's Gamma World right there.

  6. A Swedish friend of mine gave me a copy of "Drakar och Demonar," a Swedish fantasy rpg. I can't read it but the book is damned cool looking., if I could just convince him to sit down and translate it for me. ;)

  7. Jayson @ I hear ya brother! : )
    Ryan@ I've been told it is hard to translate Swedish to English in that some words and such don't have a direct correlation. : P