Sunday, January 23, 2022

Vaults of Vaarn #3

Time to post about Vaults of Vaarn issue #3


To date, Vaults of Vaarn consists of three zines. Although more issues are said to be in the works.  

Here's the official blurb about this issue:

"Vaults of Vaarn returns for a third issue of science-fantasy RPG content, providing further support for referees who wish to set their game in the blue deserts at the very end of time. Issue three focuses on the Vaarnish Interior, the endless sand-sea that intimidates even the hardy souls who live in the dry and dangerous badlands. 

No accurate map has ever been drawn of the Vaarnish Interior: the territory seems to defy rational organisation. This is a place without borders, the horizon between blue sand and blue sky no longer a stark dividing line but rather a molten membrane that swims and drifts woozily in the sun’s wine-red heat, the land making and remaking itself just as a lizard sheds its skin. The blue sands retreat from the wind, revealing structures that have lain dry and deathless and undisturbed for aeons, and then those same restless dunes shroud the ruins once again, before a living soul can name them. This is a country vast and blue, as deep with secrets as the ocean and twice as capricious. 

Included in Issue 3:

  • Information on three of the cultures that exist in the deepest of Vaarn's deserts: the nomadic Faa, the raucous Cacklemaw, and the motile crystal scholars of the Lithic Lyceum. 
  • Playable ancestries for each of these cultures, allowing you to embody a Faa nomad, Cacklemaw exile, or Lithling scholar at your gaming table. 
  • Travel procedures, a dynamic weather generator, and an extensive regional map generator, allowing you to create huge areas of the desert for your players to explore.
  • More than twenty random tables, allowing referees to quickly create desert ruins, settlements, anomalies, underground vaults, holy sites, Vaarnish graves,  Cacklemaw dens, Hegemony outposts, Faa nomad campsites, and more. 
  • New science-fantasy monsters to stalk the wastes, including the Argent Shepherd, the Lambent Lynx, the Quill Spider, and the majestic Vaarnish Sandworm.
  • Four new vehicles and a selection of powerful and mysterious exotica."

 You can get it HERE as a pay what you want!!

So with that said, let me say I love this issue! It is loaded with random tables allowing you to create your own unique and interesting version of Vaarn.  I got one of those massive notepads, you know the ones you use when doing a big presentation? well back when we did big presentations in front of a group, and before Power Point? Ok , showing my age... Anyways, following the steps in Zine #3 I rolled up a fun area for a party of adventurers to explore, I may post the map area I worked up down the road.  It has Campaign spoilers on it, so want to keep some things a mystery for when I get to run this game.

Zine Issue #1  gives basic rules of the game, basic character types and some cool random tables to get you started

Zine Issue #2 is a urban themed issue (based around Gnomon the big trade hub city of the setting) with random urban themed tables to help you flesh out the setting

Zine Issue #3 takes things to the next level and allows you to go wild randomly rolling up your own region of Vaarn!  Good Stuff!

Even if the author doesn't produce anymore Vaarn Content, there is enough in these three issues to have a full campaign. However, he has more planned, so can't wait to see what's next!  

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and is safe and healthy!

Good Gaming- B.B.

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