Tuesday, September 20, 2011

X-plorers Boxed Set!

I've talked about the X-plorers RPG in the past, really fun game! I recently saw where there is a Limited Edition Boxed set out for it, gotta say this looks sweet!  Even though I have the original (Grey Area Games) version of the game I couldn't resist picking this up, so I ordered it. Less than 25 copies left now.
Here is the video about the Boxed Set from Brave Halfling Publishing.

 I think I'm gonna write-up some of the Marvel Alien races for this, looks like alot of fun.  Also I hear Christian from Destination Unknown is going to do some X-plorers entries for his awesome Loviatar zine. 


  1. I need to thank you John for keeping X-plorers going!
    Jay, I blame you for this!! LOL