Saturday, September 10, 2011

Skull Tower!

     Went with my wife today to some Estate Sales and picked up this wicked cool tower piece for my games for only a few bucks.  I think it is some kinda candle holder but I'm not telling Darbin the Deadly! I had barely sat it down on my game table when the vile Necromancer had seized it for use as his dark tower of evil magikery! (is that a word?), as you can see from these shots he has brought in his loyal (charmed?) Albino Henchape Mugato Joe and has the entry guarded by a vicious armored Warwolf!
                                            Warwolf Guardian
                            Darbin looks out over the Blighted Barrens, master of his domain!  (the trees in the background were also an Estate Sale find, part of a Christmas scene, I got them for 3 bucks just flocked them with some tan flocking I had and voila, Bone Birch Trees). How's that for an awesome Saturday, I get brownie points for going shopping with the wife and some cool terrain to boot! Woo Hoo!!!
-Good Gaming!  -B.