Saturday, September 3, 2011

Simian Saturday: Jaws Vs. Ape!

Here's one the Sy Fy channel or however they spell it now needs to do!
                                           Jaws vs. Ape!!


  1. If I'm reading that date right and this is from 1978, then what would Christopher Lee have to say about Star Wars, I wonder.

    Aside from dropping by the set once in a while to pick up Peter Cushing and go out for a pint, I don't see the relationship here...

  2. Woah! That cover has everything!

    (It's real, right?)

  3. Confuseth say: Give an ape a fish and he eats for a day. Give an ape a shark and marmite's good on everything.

  4. Christian, I agree!
    Bigfella you are reading the date correctly. : )
    Billiam, of course!
    ze bulette, nice one!!
    So who do we contact to get Sy Fy to do a movie of this????