Sunday, September 25, 2011

Tanco : Villain for X-plorers RPG

 Digging through some old toys I found inspiration for some characters/aliens for the cool X-plorers RPG.
Tonite I present Tanco Creed.

AGI 16 +1 saves; AC bonus, To Hit ranged wpns.
Class: Scout     Race: Neurian
INT 15 +1 Int based saves Level: 7
PHY 13 +1 Saves; To Hit/Dmg melee/unarmed; hp    
PRE 17 +2 Presence based saves
Basic Hit Bonus +2
Saving Throw 9+
Hit Points: 30
Armor Class: 16
Racial Abilities: Due to the enhanced mental capacity of his race he adds an additional +2 to all Int based saves.
Areas of Expertise
Pilot 9+
Security 9+
Sleight of Hand 8+
Stealth 7+
Heavy Laser Pistol, Reflec Armor, Com Unit, Force Screen
     Tanco Creed grew up amongst the rough and tumble renegade bands of Star Raiders out on the Fringes of civilized space, he supposedly killed his first foe at age 11 on the frontier world of Tomland. A highly skilled pilot, he could have earned a respectable position with an X-plorer team, but instead chose a darker path. He found he readily took to the life of a raider and through cunning, guile, and force of personality worked himself into position as leader of his own band of Star Raiders. Tanco formed this band; Dagon's Claw, out of two smaller bands. Under his leadership The Dagon's Claw Raiders have grown to be quite infamous!

And for a more "realistic looking" version of Tanco...
If there is interest I'll see about working up some more of these.  Action figures from the Tomland toys line from back in the day.  : )


  1. Dig it. Puts me in a mind of Helmuth from Doc Smith's "Lensmen" books.

  2. Very cool! X-P needs more villains!

  3. Thanks Bigfella! I'll have to check that out!
    Jay, I couldn't agree more!
    John thanks! Looking forward to the arrival of my boxed set! : )

  4. If you're looking for space opera, there is none higher. Sucker MC's call Doc Smith "Sire!"