Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mutant Future NPC: Bird-Brain

A friend wrote me that I haven't done a "real" Mutant Future post in quite awhile, since this blog was initially mostly Mutant Future posts, I thought I'd do one for ya, he asked for a write-up of an NPC that could be used as an ally for a party of Wasteland explorers.  I went into my Comics collection for inspiration and found this guy!  Be careful what you wish for! LOL

Str: 16        Mutant Avian
Con: 13      Alignment : Neutral
Will: 10      AC: 6 (3 when in flight) Hit Points : 44
Dex: 18      Level : 2
Int: 5
Cha: 10

Mutations : Complete Wing Development, Talons (1d4 damage), Increased Vision, Increased Caloric Needs (D), Heightened Flight Speed (flight speed is normally 150' but may fly in Hyper Bursts up to 220' for 6 rounds, then must rest an hour before being able to do another hyper flight burst), Enhanced Swallowing (may swallow larger than expected objects whole, example an entire fish etc.)
Special Abilities : Highly maneuverable in flight (-3 to his AC when in full flight)
Weapons & Gear : None
     Raised in captivity along with other mutant animals under the "care" of a deranged scientist, who was supposed to be working for the Knights of Genetic Purity to seek a "cure" for the "mutant problem", he was actually seeking to create a race of enhanced hybrid warriors to do his bidding. Bird-Brain managed to escape and fled into the wild, only his enhanced flying abilities kept him from winding up as food on a predator's dinner menu. Due to his treatment he is initially mistrusting of humans, but if treated well and more importantly fed regularly he can become a loyal if dim-witted and always hungry companion (better keep the party's rations well hidden!).

Write-up is loosely based on the Marvel Comics New Mutants Character Bird-Brain, no copyright infringement is intended.


  1. I wasn't reading a lot of New Mutants from around this time, but this is a pretty cool looking character. And a great write-up for an npc.
    I've really only seen good stuff about Mutant Future. I know you have said before that Gamma World 4th is one of your favorite games. I assume Mutant Future is just as good or better.
    How does it compare in terms of everything in one book? What about genotypes and classes?
    Is it easier to play?
    In other words, if I already have practically everything for made for Gamma World, including the most recent D&D:Gamma World, would you suggest trying Mutant Future? I know I can get a free PDF, but prefer to buy a physical book.
    Is it worth it?

  2. Bird Brain, that is some great stuff. I was reading New Mutants from that era and need to add more to the old comic collection. Fun, fun!

  3. Hey Nemo235, always great to hear from you!
    Gamma World 4th (not 4E) still remains my favorite edition of Gamma World, although it wasn't perfect it really hit that sweet spot for me.
    Mutant Future is alot of fun, although it has a few issues. Most of which I house rule away. For instance it uses the old school descending AC, which IMHO slows down play, GW 4th was actually one of the first of TSR RPG's that tried out a version of Ascending AC. Mutant Future also has a somewhat limited list of mutations, easily fixed by looting my collection. GW 4th is long out of print, MF is readily available for free and has a current following. Hmmm seems like I may need to do a full blown blog entry about this...more to come!

  4. Hey Chris!
    Thanks for dropping by, yeah some good stories came out during that time!