Saturday, February 19, 2011

X-Men 2099

 Dropped by the Friendly Neighborhood Comic Shop today, I haven't been there in ages due to my new job's demands, so I was curious to see what new goodies they had gotten in.  The shop also has a gaming section, so I was hoping maybe they had gotten in the recently released Armageddon Unlimited for Heroes Unlimited but sadly it wasn't in yet.  While digging in the bargain bin, I found the Trade Paperback of Volume 1 of X-Men 2099! I've picked up some issues here and there over the years, but I only have a few, so I was excited to find this, especially for 50% off! 
Here's the blurb about the series," Xi'an Chi Xan wants Meanstreak, Krystalin, Skullfire, and the rest to help rebuild Professor X's dream, but lies, betrayal, and assassination may tear them down before they've started. With the gods of the Aesir and demons from the Theatre of Pain... "

 Good stuff!  I can loot some ideas from this for my Mutant Future Campaign or Heroes Unlimited or both!


  1. There's a blast from the past. I picked up the series from the beginning, until I'm not sure when (stopped some time around 1996-97, after graduation and working for minimum wage bit into my comics buying power).


  2. I really dug spiderman 2099, but never read any of the other 2099 stuff. Skullfire is the best 90's superhero name I've ever heard.