Friday, February 25, 2011

More praise for Mini-Six!

Awhile back I  talked about the Mini-Six RPG.  I recently ordered the print copy of the rules, $8 bucks including shipping is an awesome deal! 
If your a fan of the d6 (Original Star Wars RPG System) or have even a passing interest in the d6 system you need to check this out! The PDF is free, so what are you waiting for??
Also I need to give a shout out to my bud David over at the The Library: Retro and Classic Fantasy Games
blog.  He's been doing a ton of 70's Horror Comic conversions for the d6 system (based on the old Nightlife RPG).  Check 'em out! 


  1. Cool, thanks for the tip! I've always wanted to check it out so now I shall.

  2. Mini Six is super cool, and I have been giving it a lot of attention of late. I agree this game needs to be checked out by everyone. Even those who never played the D6 System back in the day.

  3. Thanks for the bump!
    When I get some time off from work this week and next I'm going to give it a closer look and probably do some restatting in Mini-Six for the horror stuff.