Friday, February 4, 2011

Post Apocalyptic Captain America

I always liked the grim and gritty look of Alex Ross's Earth X Captain America.

Captain America (Earth X)

Str: 20 (+4)      Pure Strain Human
Con: 18      Alignment : Lawful
Will: 17      AC: 3 Hit Points : 140
Dex: 19 (-4)      12th level
Int: 17
Cha: 20
(due to his level he gets three attacks per rd.)
Mutations : None (Immune to being mutated)
Weapons & Equipment: Tattered American Flag, Red Boots (old and worn), Shield (Indestructable) can be thrown for 2d6 damage +5.
Other skills/abilities : Highly skilled tactician and leader, skilled with using the shield in combat (+4 to hit), with a successful dexterity check he can throw the shield in such a way that after hitting its target it will return to him. Also with a successful dexterity check he can parry (as long as he still has an available action) energy blasts with his shield that would have otherwise struck him.

     He wanders the wastelands, protecting the weak and the innocent, but he never lingers for long in any one place. Tales of him go back for at least a century yet he doesn't seem to have aged. Many wonder about his story, who is he, why does he bear the emblem of a forgotten age. His body is covered in scars of all sorts, yet one in particular is most striking, he bears the scar of an "A", apparently carved into his forehead in the distant past.
     He says little, while he appears to be human; his strength, stamina and dexterity are the peak of the human condition, some would say super human. About him lies an aura of sadness, when he looks around him, his eyes have a distant look about them as if he sees things the way they used to be, but that's impossible…isn't it?

Based on the Alex Ross Earth X version of the Marvel Comics character Captain America, no copyright infringement is intended.


  1. Wow, I'd never thought of using Cap in a game like Mutant Future, but I absolutely love the idea after reading this post.

  2. Thanks Pun! I had him lurking around in the background of my Mutant Future Campaign as a way to possibly bail the party out if they got in over their heads in a particular combat due to bad rolls or some situaiont that wasn't their fault. Then he'd fade off into the wasteland. Hope you get to use him!
    Thanks for the comment!