Sunday, February 6, 2011

Big Trouble at Moldy Niche!

Here's some more teaser pics from my Mutant Future Campaign
The Goatlords have made a move into the ruins near the community of Moldy Niche.
     Not only are they are back, this time their packing some heavy firepower! With their lasers and auto-rifles they drive off the Slough Elves that dwell near the Drowned Plaza...
                                                                                                               But What's THIS??  Mirelurks!!

The Slough Elves have called in their Mirelurk Allies, or maybe the mutant crustaceans were just hungry!

Should be one heck of a fight!


  1. Looks cool!

    So, where are the gun toting goats from?


  2. Thanks Guys!
    Eli, The goat men are Capricans from Gary Mitchell :

  3. Oh man, that looks awesome. I love gibbering mutants and radioactive freaks!