Saturday, January 29, 2011

Simian Saturday: King Kong Knievel

King Kong Knievel

Str: 16         Mutant Gorilla

Con: 13      Alignment : Neutral

Will: 10       AC: 6 Hit Points : 62

Dex: 12       Level : 2

Int: 15 (+5 Tech Rolls)

Cha: 11

Mutations : Increased Balance, Increased Touch (+10% to tech rolls), Force Screen (this has saved his hairy butt from some bad accidents!)
Special Abilities : Skilled with driving/riding vehicles of many kinds. Fairly good mechanic, especially with ancient motorcyles.
Weapons & Gear : Stunt Cycle that he is constantly tweaking and tinkering with, mechanic's tools, miscellaneous gear. Tends to avoid weapons and such, he'd rather "ride away to entertain another day!"
An accomplished Stunt Cyclist, the mutant gorilla known as King Kong Knievel makes a living visiting the different wasteland communities and wowing the locals with his riding stunts. Many of the simple folk have never even seen a vehicle of the ancients so his stunts are even more impressive to them. He used to have a regular act at CageTown, but after a falling out with the local (mob) Boss; Tobias Whale he took to the travelling circuit, often visiting Gaxville, JymsWard, Wormhaven and other areas. The money isn't as good, but "still breathing" is even better. He could honestly probably make a better living putting down permantent roots and opening up a mechanic/bike shop but he loves the roar of the crowd, can't stay anywhere for long and is an adrenaline junky in the worst way.

Please note, I found the above picture on the net, with the title King Kong Knievel, don't know anything else about the actual stunt rider, thought he would make a good NPC for my Campaign.