Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sickly Simian Saturday

 Well I'm still alive. I gotta say H3N1 or whatever the heck it is nowadays is one evil pile of sickness.
Apparently I had a "mutant/alien" strain so both Dr. Mccoys were called in as consultants.
I'm still not up to speed, but at this point I'm no longer pondering being buried in the back yard. Anyways hope you all are healthy, I'd advise you to get the flu shot, but it did me no good. So if someone on a plane/train/automobile/swoop bike coughs near you or looks the least bit under the weather, RUN AWAY!!!! Trust me on this!


  1. and as a courtesy to others when you cough or sneeze;
    do so in the fold of your elbow,
    to avoid transfer of germs to your hands.

    Get well soon !

  2. Oh boy, while I enjoyed your post a lot, I'm sorry that you were sick. Sounds like you're coming back 'round. Hope you have a restful weekend and get to fully recover.

  3. Yikes, there's nothing good about being afflicted by the dread plague. Feel better soon!

  4. Get well soon. (The Woman was sick for literally two weeks with what sounds like the same thing.)