Saturday, January 22, 2011

Atomic Highway : Twisted Armageddon

Sorry for being so post happy today, finally feeling better I suppose.
Anyways I've posted about the cool P.A. RPG Atomic Highway in the past, I recently learned of an expansion for the setting check it out!
No release date that I've been able to find, according to Colin, the Radioactive Ape Designs Man himself, it will include "Aliens, cybernetics, zombies, killer robots, retro-future and alien tech...".
He indicated this will include:

* Zombie Apocalypse
* Alien Invasion Apocalypse
* Rise of the Machines Apocalypse
* Oddly familiar "Retro-Future" Apocalypse
* Cyber Apocalypse

Woo Hoo Sounds right up my alley!  -B


  1. I bought AH the other day, but have been too busy to do more than skim it...but Colin Chapman does some great work.

    Of course, I realize he's not the (primary?) writer on this, but I imagine he'll be all over the quality control.

  2. Trey, I agree it has definately gotten my interest!
    Tommy, Hey man! AH is great, add in Irradiated Freaks and this upcoming product and you can run one heck of a Campaign!
    Porky, I agree, course I'd want to throw most of those into one big kitchen sink Sandbox Setting!