Saturday, January 1, 2011

Brother Thomas, a man of Healing

Thought I'd post an NPC from my Mutant Future Campaign.  He has been central to the events of the past three sessions so I thought I'd put him out there for you.

Brother Thomas

Str: 11                     Pure Human
Con:15                    Alignment : Lawful
Will: 13                    AC: 7 Hit Points : 85
Dex: 14 (-1 AC)      Level : 3
Int: 17 (+10% Tech Rolls)
Cha: 15
Mutations : None
Special Abilities : An accomplished healer, even without access to his medical bag he can perform feats of healing beyond the common man. He has such an aura of peace about him that wild animals must make a Will check in order to attack him (mutant animals are not affected by this ability).

Weapons & Gear : Monk's robes, waterskin, backpack, rope belt, rations, Medical bag (filled with various healing devices and supplies depending on the needs of the Mutant Lord), various healing herbs and such. Any other tech he finds he quickly trades off for more medical supplies.

     Known throughout the ruins as a man of healing and peace, Brother Thomas is a member of the Healers Cryptic Alliance an order of healers that can trace their roots back to those few men of healing that survived the great apocalypse and took vows to provide help and healing to the surviviors of that dark time. Though limited in number they are respected and valued wherever they go. It is said that even savage wild animals will let them pass by unmolested. Only the most deranged or vicious of raiders and mutants will harm a healer, for none wish to be denied the near magical touch of these wandering priests.
     Brother Thomas is the epitome of the values of his order. It is said he has never raised his hand against another, whether it be mutant, pure strain or otherwise. If he suffers from any prejudices he has never shown it. While a man of peace he is no coward, recently when word went out that a distant community was dying from Crimson Spotted Fever, he set out alone to make the journey to save those he could. None would accompany him for fear of the disease.


  1. What sort of healing powers does Brother Thomas have? I have been hesitant to allow healing beyond normal rest and recuperation in my Mutant Future campaign. I allowed for the Badder shamans to make a 1d8 HP curative compress from fresh swamp herbs, but this can only be used once per wounded character (subsequent applications of the herbs would have no effect unless the damage had completely healed and new damage had been inflicted).

  2. Hey Carl,
    Thanks for the question, I didn't post all of his healing "stuff" because some of my players read my blog and I like to keep some stuff "Behind the Screen". : )
    Feel free to email me at brutorzbill at gmail dot com

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