Saturday, November 20, 2010

Friends of Starship Warden

 While other sites have mentioned this, I'd be remiss if I didn't cover it as well. Those who know me, know that I cut my gaming teeth not on D&D, but instead on Gamma World.  That was the first RPG I ever ran, and it has always had a special place in my gamer heart.  Heck my on-line handle since the 90's has been Brutorz Bill in tribute to my first Gamma World character and my love for the game.  Sadly the original brilliant mind behind the first edition of that game; Jim Ward is quite ill.  A website has been set up Friends of the Starship Warden offering a way for those who can help to do so. 
Thanks for reading,
 Brutorz Bill


  1. Everyone seems to be writing about this lately, it is still quite sad.

  2. It is quite sad. Mr. Ward emailed me once out of the blue, regarding some of my Gamma World creations, he is a very nice guy. I wish him the best!