Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Empire Strikes Back "1950's Style"

 Still feeling blah, wife won't let me go back to work.  Fever Smever...
Anyways, after Sunday's off the cuff Mutant Future game, the guys said they'd like to maybe play something Sci Fi. Battling the Kevlar Armored Goatlord with his Laser Pistol really sparked their interest in guns and such. I'll admit I've been on a bit of a Sci Fi kick of late myself.  I may have to look into Mongoose Traveller a bit more.  Meanwhile here's a little something I stumbled across on the 'net.


  1. Cool, I so want to watch that now.

    Ed Green

  2. Dude. Sci fi? Guns? Savage Worlds? :-P

  3. Yes, that is totally awesome! I would've totally watched that as a kid.

  4. That is an AT-AT to be FEARED. Thank the Maker that we can put videos in blogs because it just makes Fridays so much awesomer.

    Great find BB--get well soon!