Saturday, May 22, 2010

Neptunians, an Alien Race for Savage Worlds

  Looks like I may get to do some gaming soon.  A buddy of mine; Derelict Man has been talking to me about Savage Worlds. I've posted a bit about the game on my blog before but unfortunately haven't gotten the opportunity to actually play it. He seems to have a good handle of the rules and has even offered to run a few sessions so I can get a better feel for it. I've found some awesome resources for Savage Worlds on the 'net.  There are some great conversions of well almost everything out there. And the folks on the Pinnacle forums seem to be really nice and helpful. 
So until we can get our schedules to sync I figured I play around with the rules a bit myself.  You guys know how much I love working up critters and converting stuff from other sources.  So I thought I try to stat up an alien race to see how it works.  I decided on an obscure Mego Star Trek toy for this one.  The Neptunian


     Scholars and scientists cannot agree about the origins of this alien race. How they even came to be called Neptunians is unclear. They are certainly not from the planet Neptune in the Sol system. Very little is known about these fearsome aliens. What is known is that they are quite aggressive and all attempts at peaceful interaction and diplomacy with these aliens have failed.
     In the Slipstream Campaign Setting they are most often encountered living on small fragments scattered about that pocket universe or upon wrecked vessels in the Graveyard region of space. In non-Slipstream settings they can be found on light gravity worlds. Any intruders that come into their domain are attacked. They will usually set up ambush locations, using wrecks and other tempting debris to set up traps for intruders. They will then use their gliding ability to "get the drop on" their victims. While not true flyers, they make the most of height and light gravity to accomplish attacks that flying creatures can do on regular worlds and fragments. Also spending much time on thinner atmosphere worlds and asteroids has made them more resistant to negative environmental conditions than most other races. So they are often able to survive and even thrive on fragments and worlds that other races would deem uninhabitable.

Clumsy: The hands of the Neptunians are not as well developed for fine manipulation as humans and other races, so they suffer a -2 penalty on all rolls where fine manipulation is required, such as lock picking or repair.
Gliders: Neptunians can glide, descending 1" vertically for every 2" moved horizontally (in light gravity conditions they can glide much farther). They also gain the new agility based skill, Flying, at d6. This may be improved normally. A Flying roll during a round in which a Neptunian glides allows it to stay level for that round. A raise allow them to climb 1", but sacrifices 2" of horizontal distance.
Outsider: Neptunians have a well deserved reputation for being cunning ambushers and savage killers. They suffer a -2 to Charisma when interacting with other races.
Claws: Neptunians have fearsome claws on their hands and feet giving them the ability to do Str +d6 attacks. They can use the claws on their feet to attack while gliding. These claws also allow them to get a +2 bonus to all climb rolls.
Environmental Resistance: Due to their habitat Neptunians have an innate bonus of +2 vs. all negative environmental effects (heat, cold, pressure, etc.).
So there you go, this didn't take me long to work up at all. I may have made some mistakes with it, since this was my first real attempt to create a race for Savage Worlds, but I'm pretty pleased with how easy it was to work them up with this system.
Loosely based on the Mego Star Trek Action Figure that was never actually in TOS.


  1. I remember that toy! Awesome!

  2. Savage War = Awesome

    You can use it for pretty much...everything.


  3. I had one of those when I was a kid. Ah, memories.

  4. Niiice! Dig how intuitive Savage Worlds is, especially building NPC's and monsters?
    Love it!