Tuesday, May 18, 2010

B. Portley Esq. from Algol sent me a Carcosa boxset!!!!!

That's right! The mail man was good to me today! No bills...well there were a couple of bills..BUT I am now the proud owner of some Carcosa Boxed Set Coolness!!!  Here's some pictures!!

This is quite awesome!  I am happy to add this to my collection.  I love the digest book format, and seeing some of my favorite classic art pieces from years ago repurposed is waay cool. 
Now off to go do some reading!!
Good Gaming -B


  1. Did you get a look at the mailman? Anything fishy about him?

    I need to get my tentacles on one of these.

  2. Am I dumb for not even knowing what this game is?

  3. Dammit! When did Geoffrey start doing a boxed set of Carcosa? Soooooooooo am going to get one.

  4. Here's some more info

  5. Great haul! I got a Hacklopedia of Beasts vol. 2 for $2.00 from Ye Ol. Mckay Used Books last night. More on this in my blog soon, I need to send you an e-mail too. "Have a good 'un."