Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Word Verification Wednesday - Sconk

Sconk (Deadly Stinkers)

No. Enc. : 1d6
Alignment : Neutral
Movement : 120'(40')
Armor Class : 8
Hit Dice : 1
Attacks : 1
Damage : bite (only does 1 pt. of damage)
Save : L1
Morale : 6
Hoard Class : None
Mutations: Toxic Weapon (Class 12; DEATH, save for 1d6 damage)
     Sconks are mutant squirrels that also have many of the traits of a skunk. In most respects they behave like normal squirrels, save when threatened they will unleash a musk attack like a skunk. Unfortunately their musk attack unlike that of a natural skunk can be quite deadly.

     I haven't done a mutant squirrel in awhile, with this week's word verification word I couldn't resist. Also I normally avoid critters and beasties with a save or DIE result/ability, players tend to not like such encounters but I figured in this case it might be worth it. I mean if I saw a squirrel that looked like a skunk I'd get the heck out of dodge. I have a family of skunks living in the hedge row behind my house, I'm very careful when I'm mowing in that part of my yard. -B

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