Friday, March 12, 2010

RPG Creatures

 Thanks to a post by Tetsubo I found this cool blog; RPG Creatures it has a small but growing collection of some really unique and interesting beasties that could be useful for all kinds of campaigns.
Check it out!


  1. This site is cool and the art is fantastic but the creatures themselves...I don't know. Something is missing for me.

    I guess I wish he would do some new takes on old favorites mixed in with the new weirdies.

  2. @BA - I agree. The art is great but the creatures don't really pop for me either. I think it's just that they are so out there. Almost all of them seem to fit the niche of Aboleth, Mind Flayer, etc. You know, that specialized monster that you build adventure around.

  3. Thanks a lot for posting about my blog! I appreciate it!

    Barking Alien: I love to hear feedback of all kinds. If you have suggestions don't hesitate to write me an email: nicholas(at)

    Eli Anrnt: "...specialized monster that you build adventure around" -- That's exactly what I like to hear at this stage. In my opinion there are already enough of orcs, goblins, elves, gnomes, bugbears, gnolls, and more common-kind creatures around to fill out any game world. What I want to do is to add more special (but usable) creatures that sets the imagination in motion. I do of course take both of your opinions with me. I will not make a lot of new takes on old favorites, but I will try to add some creatures designed to be more "ordinary" and more widely applicable perhaps. This blog is not intended to be used as the sole set of monsters for any game or campaign, but as a complement. If you find one or two likable creatures in there, I will be happy.

    This blog here has a kick-ass name! I like it.

  4. BA & Eli thanks for your thoughts. To a degree, I agree with you guys, but I like the unusual critters he has done also, although I admit my gaming use of such beasties over the years has been limited.
    Nicholas, thanks for coming by and commenting. I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with next!
    Oh and the Jarma-Loh is probably my favorite so far.