Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Word Verification Wednesday - Reptur


No. Enc.: 2d4 (2d8)
Alignment : Neutral to Chaotic
Movement : 120'(40')
Armor Class : 4
Hit Dice : 8
Attacks : 1
Damage : by weapon
Save : L4
Morale : 9 (10 for the chaotic ones)
Hoard Class : XXII
Mutations: Thermal Vision, Natural Armor (AC6), Regenerative Capability, Mental Barrier, Increased Dexterity
     There is some debate as to whether Repturs are a race of mutant humans or mutant reptiles. Most don't care either way, just wanting to avoid this race altogether. While warm blooded they tend to avoid cooler climates as much as possible and are mostly found in and near the Kudzu Jungles and swamps of the southeast. However some members of this race go through a change, they call the Crimson Madness. Those so changed are far more violent and dangerous and are driven out of their homelands usually to wander the desert wastelands. Unfortunately these are the ones most commonly encountered by other races. These wastelanders are quite chaotic and work and live as raiders or worse. The chaotic ones are easily distinguished from their brethren for their love of the color red; they will be seen wearing it upon their bodies, either as war paint clothing or both. Disturbingly they also like to bask in the blood of their victims another quality that other races (and their more peaceful brethren) find to be quite revolting.
The Reptur (both types) have a particular dislike of the Awpikel, and are "naturally" somewhat resistant to the Awpikel's mental phantasm attack. The Awpikel have a mutual dislike of the Reptur and where they might normally flee or retreat from a difficult encounter they usually do not do so when attacked by a Reptur raider band.


  1. The picture of the Reptur actually did remind me of the Awpikel. For some reason, reading through the description of the Reptur and their habits brings to mind the lizard man-type guy from spiderman.

  2. The Reptur are indeed loosely based on Spidey's old foe the Scaley (Mr. Hyde)version of good old Dr. Conners. : )

  3. Dr. Conners, the absolutely most telegraphed movie villain to date!