Saturday, March 6, 2010

Lego Green Army Upgrade!

 My BrickArms order came in the mail today.  I haven't ordered from them before, just recently getting into the whole Lego Minifig scene, but after getting the Lego Green Army Men I knew I needed to get them some better weapons and gear. The BrickArms green weapons I ordered are limited edition and were designed specifically for use with the Lego Toy Story minifigs. 

You can see the bronze freebie and the few other items I also ordered in the the bottom right corner.
Overall I am quite pleased with my order and will no doubt order from them again.  My camera doesn't take good close up pics, but you can get the idea.
Now back to working on Firebase Lego!


  1. Haha, fantastic! I think M41a'a are pretty much on everyone's 'first time' Brikarms order!

  2. Yeah Mik,
    I had to get at least one M41 it's a great piece. I partly blame you for my recent Lego excursion, reading your Lego blog posts clearly led me down a "dangerous" path! : )

  3. That's a great site. Thanks for the link!