Friday, March 19, 2010

Barbarians of Lemuria

 Whew...It's Friday!  Work and school have been keeping me super busy of late, "The Man" is really taking advantage of the economy, at work we've had our pay basically cut, benefits slashed, responsibilities increased, workload doubled and in some cases tripled and told by the corporate suits "to be grateful we still have jobs" *sigh* I'm am thankful to have a job, but enough is enough! Sorry I'll end my rant here.  Anyways due to all of this my blog has been lacking in updates, and the posts I have done have been somewhat weak on substance.  Unfortunately it will probably be that way for awhile. In gaming news I've been hearing great things about Barbarians of Lemuria.  It's a rules lite RPG system with heavy influence from Lin Carter's Thongor series of pulp coolness.  I ordered the print copy today, it is also available in pdf but I'm an old school book in hand kinda guy.

 The BoL system is hailed as being quite adaptable and there is also a Post Apocalyptic version of the game -system out. Barbarians of the Aftermath
Depending on how well I like Barbarians of Lemuria I will probably be picking this up as well.  It is supposed to allow all kinds of P.A. Campaigns. They also recently released Dogs of War
This is based on the "Men's Adventure" novels from the 80's.  Gotta admit it looks pretty cool.  I'm thinking Dogs of War, combined with Barbarians of the Aftermath could make for some cool game sessions, could even recreate some of the Deathlands adventures from that series of books that I read back in the day.


  1. " be grateful we still have jobs"
    I know, the arrogance of the the ruling class. It's all a power-game and ego-trip to them ...that is until such time as the peasants start fashioning guillotines. Anybody read Animal Farm?

    Hey, I wonder if the people at paizo when questioning WOTC about details of the GSL were told
    "be grateful you still have the OGL"


  2. Don't even get started with the banks! Well before the economy tanked, I had no trust in the banks or their credit card policies. The only downside, is that I can't buy things online without credit or Pay-Pal. My last purchase was the Supplement V: Carcosa booklet for $12, and that was by check (and dame well worth it!).

    I have never played the above games, but I have the old free version of BoL, and its awesome! Combat is really simple, and task rolls uses broadly skilled heroic archetypes (careers), instead of a long list of skills.

    What I find funny, is how Wizards are still going with the "new PHB every 3 mouths" philosophy, even though no one can afford their overpriced book (with all the adjusts they do to the official rules - for the sake of game balance, more balancing after the adjustments, and so on - each book becomes out-of-date before the next game comes out... its like a goddamn MMORPG, but much more pricey!).