Friday, August 14, 2009

Too Many Minis?? That's not possible!

Several pictures of my "Gameroom" As you can see I've got a "few" miniatures. I've been collecting since 1979.

Some more minis! Second shelf from the top has several Dwarven Forge Lizard Men vs. Dwarven Forge Orcs! My mini Graveyard! Some Dwarven Forge Skeletons amongst other undead and gravestones. The smaller statues are conversion work I did from some old busted Ral Partha miniatures.

Close-up of bottom of main miniatures shelf. Lot's of painting to do. *Sigh* : )

Another shot of the minis shelf. Including a few "toys" I've acquired that work perfectly.

And here's a few more. My painted ones I keep in containers to ward off the evil Dust Elementals lurking in the house.


  1. Ok, you got me beat.

    That is one awesome collection of figs!

  2. Thanks! Sadly the room is not big enough to actually play a regular game in (the room was originally a side "sitting room". I can do skirmish stuff in there, but there's not enough room for full blown table-top RPGing.
    Whenever we move, my wonderful wife says a designated gameroom is definately on the agenda. : )