Thursday, August 20, 2009

A bit of News...

First off I've really been enjoying blogging, I've "met" some great folks and have been having a ball. I've been reading the Pathfinder rules, and we are talking about starting up a Pathfinder Campaign soon. We should be wrapping up our 4E Campaign this Sunday. Unfortunately my camera has died so it will be a bit before I post any new pictures of my miniatures. I've got quite a few that my friend Boomer has painted for me that I need to get posted, but that will have to wait for a bit.
In other news, I have really been getting into the 15mm miniatures scene. For fantasy I'll stay with 28mm (I've just got too much invested to switch), but for Sci Fi 15mm is just too tempting to resist. Several key factors prompting this are cost, space, an ever growing variety in the 15mm market, ease of transport, oh and did I mention COST? Anyways I'm slowly building up an assortment of 15mm miniatures, even have alot of them painted (woo hoo!), what I'm trying to decide is if to post 15mm stuff on this blog or start up a new one totally devoted to 15mm sci fi gaming??


  1. Personally, I'd stick with your blog here. Nice blog. Enjoyed reading it. You could always use labels to highlight the 15mm content if you wished.

  2. Thanks Arcturus. It's nice to hear you've enjoyed reading it. I think I will keep it all "under one roof" so to speak. I hadn't thought about the Labels option.
    Thanks again!