Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pathfinder Releases Today!!

Well the new Pathfinder RPG is out as of today. My FLGS should have my copy this afternoon.
My friend Derek is at Gen Con (drat his hide!) and he indicated it is selling like crazy. The Paizo guys put a limit of six per person, and Derek says some people are buying that many! Sounds like some heavy backpacks! I'm looking forward to getting my copy. Curious to see what changes they made from the Beta copy. While I'll admit 3.5 wasn't perfect, I've had some incredible game sessions playing it over the years. I applaud Paizo and wish them well. So keep your fingers crossed, tonight will hopefully be a sit down with an exciting new book full of adventure possibilities!


  1. Here's an added news bonus. I just read where Paizo has partnered with Reaper Miniatures to produce Pathfinder Miniatures!

  2. My FLGS has my copy ready for me. Should be in my hands within the next couple of hours!

  3. I'm really happy with PF. I have to read the bestiary. I look forward to what they do with psionics.

  4. We've had alot of fun with Pathfinder. If your a fan of 3.5 it is a definate improvement of that rule-set.