Monday, August 31, 2009

Rogues Gallery

Here's another one of my favorite classic AD&D supplements from my gaming library.  The old Rogues Gallery!  Featuring art by Erol Otus, Jeff Dee and others.  Good stuff, mostly it consists of stats of various characters, but where it REALLY shines is the personalities section towards the back.  This section features  the player characters of some of the TSR staff at the time (Gygax, Otus and others) fully statted out with magic items and background information.  Some really cool "out of the box" characters.  I've sat down many times when I've started designing a new campaign and looked at the personalities section of this book to help me work up interesting NPC's and such.  My players have unknowingly met/dealt with tweaked (renamed) versions of Bigby, Grimslade, Robilar and others.  Several of them make for great villains or at least rivals.  One thing I've learned over the years of DMing is that the key to a successful Campaign is a great villian!

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