Friday, September 14, 2012

Latest Acquisitions

Thought I'd show some of my latest acquisitions.  The mailman was good to me today! Some awesome goodies arrived today.  Its always nice to get something in the mail other than bills.
     I haven't had time to do more than just a cursory scan of most of these, but I gotta tell ya Blood & Treasure is a sweet looking tome of coolness.  I wish I had this ruleset for my Fantasy games 30 years ago! I'm currently running Pathfinder but the next Fantasy game I run will definately be using the Blood & Treasure rules!  Heck I wish I could switch it over to B&T now, course that would blow my players minds. Oh well.
     I talked about The Metamorphica a bit ago, it is really cool.  I assure you I won't be running another Mutant Future game without this book handy! Heck whataver game I'm running, I'll have this handy, Love the random mutant tables and such.  Great Stuff!
Towers of Krshal looks pretty interesting some random twisted city  tables to trick out your macabre domains.
     So as you can see I've got alot of reading to do.  Just looking at this stack gives me some ideas, a twisted city of dark towers, creatures scuttling in the alleyways and warped denizens lurking in the shadows...with the Blood and Treasure system as the core mechanic  heh heh heh.
 I'll try to post more as time permits.